photo credit : Kayla Schween / edited : Karen Kaltenheuser

photo credit : Kayla Schween / edited : Karen Kaltenheuser

Karen Kaltenheuser is a graphic designer + illustrator + maker of sorts who believes in asking the “big” questions and inviting others to a deeper sense of embodiment. They seek to accomplish this through pen markings, blocks of text, muted colors, and hopeful musings.

Karen is one of those people that has been given every reason to become bitter and jaded, yet they have chosen hope and wonder. They adore offering this opportunity to see the world in a brighter, more expansive way through their work and through personal interactions. It isn’t a marketing gimmick, it’s just who they are.

HI, HELLO : I am a multi-passionate human who just so happens to adore a laundry list of things. My life is built on the foundation of living and loving intentionally and building others up through soulful reminders and personal invitations to embody the most authentic version of themselves.

WORK + PLAY : I have had the privilege of working and living all over the globe through partnering with non-profits, for-profits, educational systems, and individual clients. I currently claim NYC as my homebase and am available to travel. I offer a variety of services, such as: content creation, public speaking, and trauma informed yoga.

ONLINE + OFF : On the interwebs, you can find me here and on instagram. In person, I can be found sipping iced matcha, exploring plant shops, trying out new fitness studios, and creating through a variety of avenues.

To contact Karen, please fill out the contact form below + they will respond within twenty-four hours.